yohoho.ioYohoho.io is a cool pirate battle royale .io game online, that you can play for free at IOGames.Best! You take the role of a character on a tropical island and your goal is to help him survive for as long as possible. Fight other characters and become the last pirate standing. Kill other players and collect their loot. Only one will survive and plunder the booty. Pick up doubloons to earn experience points and make your character become bigger. There are 30+ characters to choose from, but you will need to unlock them first. Use the collected coins to unlock any of the locked characters. The more expensive character you use, the more powerful you become. Move your mouse cursor to walk around the map, click using your left mouse button to attack. You can also use your keyboard W,A,S,D keys and space bar. Hold your attack key for a bit longer to focus your strength and perform a special dash attack. Make sure you stay in the safe zone.