worms.zoneWorms.zone aka Worms Zone.io is one of the latest slither-like snake .io games online you can play for free at IOGames.Best. Take the role of a little worm, wander around the map and eat funny looking food. Try to kill other worms and survive. There are many different kinds of food in the game: The little pieces of food increase your size when you consume them. The large pieces of food will give you various power-ups (bonuses), which will make your life much easier. Try and consume as much food as possible to become the biggest worm on the server! Worms.zone offers 3 game modes: Time Limit mode for a quick play, Challenge mode for advanced players and Unlimited mode for experienced worms! You can customize the appearance of your worm in the dressing room. Click at the arrow buttons to change your outfit, confirm it by pressing the button below. Some of the skins have a level requirement, others cost money.