Wormax.io 2


wormax.io 2Wormax.io 2 is finally here! One of the greatest slither.io games of all times, the original Wormax.io just got it’s sequel! In this 2nd edition of the series, you will become an angry worm once again and your task is to eat food and grow bigger. The food in this game looks very real and you will be collecting all kinds meat, sweets, vegetables etc. Other then the graphics, the gameplay of this title is also brilliant. You can pick up various power-ups, which will improve your survivability and increase your food consumption. Each of the players starts with a very little worm and the only way, how to grow bigger, is by consuming the pieces of food. All players compete against each other and try to block the opponent’s way to make them collide into the body of their character. If you crash into an enemy character, it’s a game over and the body of your character will split up into pieces of food. Can you survive in the world of Wormax.io 2?