wormate.ioWormate.io is often being considered as one of the best Slither games online and it is available for free at IOGames.Best. In Wormate.io your objective is to navigate a worm around the map, grow into a big snake and survive. Eat many kinds of tasty food and defeat other players from all around the world. Worms like to taste cakes, chocolate biscuits and other sweet stuff. There are so many pieces of sweets around the worm, he thinks he lives in the candy land. Navigate your worm by moving your mouse around the map, he will follow it. Increase your movement speed by clicking your left mouse button. Don’t hit other worms, or you will die! If others hit your body they will die as well. Once a worm dies, he splits into the pieces of food. Eat as much food as possible to become the biggest worm on the map. It’s easier to get to the leaderboard here, than in other .io games. Can you become the longest worm in Wormate.io?