28,786 is a brilliant plane flying .io game online. Become a jet pilot and fight others in the sky in a dogfight. Pick up various kinds of weapons, bombs and ammunition, which will increase your firepower. Chase down the weaker enemies and escape from the stronger ones. Think strategically and try to outmaneuver your opponents. Move your mouse to control your plane, press your space bar or left click to shoot or drop bombs. Click and hold your left mouse button for rapid fire. Watch the leaderboard on the top right of the screen. If you are one of the best players on the servers you will see your name there. Your ammo is displayed on the top left. Your health bar is shown below the plane. Customize the color and decals of your plane by clicking at the blue icon in the main menu. Click at the red icon in the main menu to watch others fighting. Can you shoot down all enemy planes in the sky and become the best pilot in