wilds.ioWilds.io is an interesting hack-n-slash game and it is one of the best fighting .io games online you can play for free at IOGames.Best. The game offers very deep, yet super fun and addicting combat system and also pretty good graphics. You take the role of a barbarian warrior and your goal is to fight other players characters out in the wild. Explore old buildings and dungeons to find valuable treasures. Loot your enemies after killing them. Use the collected gold to buy new weapons and other useful items that will help you survive during the battles. In Wilds.io, you can either play solo or join one of the teams. If you are bored of the main game mode, check out the arena mode. The more opponents you kill, the better rank you get. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move your character around the map. Press space to jump, F to throw your weapon. Left click to attack your opponents. Are you ready to smash some barbarians in Wilds.io?