warscrap.ioWarscrap.io is a brilliant 3d shooting .io game online. You take the role of a soldier and you mission is to defend your base against incoming waves of enemies. This is a coop game in an ultra large scale. Watch the enemy coming towards your positions and try to kill them as quickly as possible. Once you kill the enemies, they will drop some useful stuff such as energy, ammo and health. If you die you can re-spawn immediately. Use your W,A,S,D keys to run, press your space bar to jump. Move your mouse cursor to aim, click to shoot, press R to reload ammo. Right click or scroll your mouse wheel to switch between range and melee weapons. Press E to enter the shop, where you can spend the collected energy to buy new weapons and other items. Watch the leaderboard on the top right of the screen and try to get to the top 10 players. Press tab to see access leaderboard. Can you survive the alien invasion in Warscrap.io game?