warbrokers-ioWar Brokers aka WarBrokers.io is the first 3D FPS battle royale .io game ever made. The game offers simplistic blocky graphics and addictive gameplay. Choose one of the two game modes (battle royale, normal) and start playing. In the battle royale mode, your only objective is to fight all other players and survive. If you are the last man standing, you are the winner. In the normal team mode, you cooperate with other players and your goal is to complete missions to bring your squad to victory. There are various kinds of weapons and vehicles for you to choose from all around the map. Make a use of military vehicles such as tanks and helicopters. Use your arrow keys to run, press your space bar to jump. Press your F key to pick up weapons and enter vehicles. Move your mouse cursor to look around and aim, click to shoot. Press R to reload your weapon. Can you defeat the enemy in this superb 3D shooter called War Brokers?