warbot.ioWarbot.io is another awesome survival battle royale .io game online. This time you will be playing as a robot and your goal is to fight other robots. Select any of the game modes and jump into the battle! Walk around the map, kill your enemies and try to be the last one standing in the end of the round to win the match. Collect power-ups scattered all around the map, each of them will slightly increase your attack and defense. Once in a while, your robot levels up and gets a random perk. Earn gold as you progress in the game and spend it to unlock new kinds of robots. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move. Press your left and right arrows to rotate the camera. Press your space bar to activate speed boost. Move your mouse cursor to look around and aim. Click using your left mouse button to shoot. Right cluck to lock or unlock mouse camera view. Can you eliminate all enemies and be the last robot standing in Warbot.io cool game online?