War in Space


warinspace.ioWar in Space or WarInSpace.io is another awesome multiplayer .io game, in which you will compete against players all around the globe. Choose your team, select a server and jump into the arena! Pilot your space ship, battle your opponents and survive for as long as you can. Collect scraps scattered all around the space, you can use them to upgrade your spaceship. Destroy the enemy base to win the match. Move your mouse cursor to control your ship. Left click to fire from your cannons. Right click to use the ability. Press the  Q,W,E,R keys to upgrade your ship. The radar in the bottom left corner shows your position, friendly base position and enemy base position. Watch your ability cooldown timer in the bottom right corner. You can’t use your ability until it’s ready. Watch the leaderboard, it shows the top 10 players with the most kills and assists on the server. Watch the health bar of both teams on the top of your screen.