17,370 is an war .io game online about fighting tribes. It was inspired by the rock-paper-scissors game. The objective of is to take a control of your tribe and dominate other tribes around the game world. Choose one of the three in-game tribe character. The characters are called Faya (fire), Agwa (water), and Plont (plant). Each of the tribe types has different strengths and weaknesses against others. The water extinguishes the fire, which burns the grass, which drinks the water. Once selected, you can change your tribe in the settings page. Move your mouse cursor to navigate your tribe around the map and fight others. Press your A or Q key to use Spell 1, Z or W key to use spell 2. Try to defeat all enemy tribes and become the strongest one. Open chests to get some special stuff like spells and equipment etc. Customize your tribe’s appearance using various skins. Can you dominate all other tribes in game online?