sworm.ioSworm.io is one of the latest snake .io games, that are similar to the well known title called Slither.io. The main objective of Sworm.io is the same as in most snake .io games, however there are some upgrades. You start as a tiny worm and you have to eat pieces of colorful food to grow bigger and survive enemy attacks. Collect power-ups that randomly appear all around the map, they will give you some useful bonuses. Eat bugs, they will give you a shield and make you immune to cuts. Avoid hitting enemy worms at all costs. Once your body is long enough, you can block the way of opponent players and make them crash into your body. Collect the food that appears after an enemy has been eliminated. Navigate your worm using your mouse cursor. Click and hold your left mouse button to activate speed boost. Click and hold your right mouse button to cut other worms or yourself. Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom camera in or out.