swordz.ioSwordz.io is an extremely addicting yet simple fighting .io game online. You take the role of a swordsman and your goal is to fight opponent players using your sword. At the beginning you start with just a stick and you need to kill creatures to level up. You will upgrade your sword for a better version once you level up. Your character appearance will also change over time. Gather food that you can loot from the killed creatures and animals. You will encounter other players wandering around them map. Try to kill those that have a smaller sword than you and avoid those that have a bigger one. If you get killed by an opponent player, you will re-spawn and will only lose some of the experience that you have gained before. This mechanism makes it much easier for you to continue playing, than in other .io games, where the progress will be reset. How many times can you upgrade your sword in this fun .io game called Swordz.io?