27,357, sometimes called, is a multiplayer .io game online that’s all about jumping. You take the role of a funny character and your objective is to jump onto others and stomp them. Time your jumps perfectly, bounce off the platforms and land onto other players heads to eliminate them. You start as a little guy and slowly become huge as you progress. Use your mouse or arrow keys to navigate your characters around the game world. Collect stars to grow in size. Left click or press your space bar for a smash attack. Stomp others, don’t get stomped, score points and get to the leaderboard! You can view your stats after each game session. There are plenty of fun characters to choose from such as an alien, robot, Mario, Luigi etc. The game offers an ability to communicate with others using the chat window. is a super awesome game with an original idea and you can play it for free anytime at IOGames.Best!