16,428 is an arcade .io game online, in which you take the role of a spaceship pilot and your goal is to fight others in the space and survive. Use your mouse cursor to steer the ship and aim. Click using your left mouse button to fire from your laser cannons. Hold your left mouse button for rapid fire. Click and hold your right mouse button to accelerate. Destroy asteroids and other ships along the way to collect gems. Upgrade the shield, firepower, damage, speed and agility of your ship by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Fill your gems bar to access higher tier ships. Once there are multiple ships available, you can select them by clicking the buttons at the top of the screen. You can buy new weapons in the weapon store, press W key to open the weapon store. Convert your gems into credit to be able to buy stuff. Press alt to use your secondary weapons. Communicate with others by pressing your enter key.