Squadd Royale.io


squadd royale.ioSquadd Royale.io is a sequel to the popular team based shooter called Squadd.io and you can enjoy playing both games for free at IOGames.Best! In SquaddRoyale.io you will be competing against enemies in a mass-multiplayer death-match. Your main goal is to remain alive and become the last man standing to win the match. Jump from the plane and search for weapons scattered around the battlefield. Try to find any weapon as quickly as possible to get an advantage over your opponents. Hide inside buildings and defend your position. Wait for the right moment to attack. There is a safe zone in the middle of the map that shrinks every few seconds, make sure you stay inside of it. Use your arrows to move, mouse to aim, click to shoot. Press E to switch weapon or to enter a vehicle, R to reload, F to use a med kit. Can you survive until the last minute in this crazy 3rd person shooting game online called SquaddRoyale.io?