splix.ioSplix.io is a snake-like .io game online inspired by the classic title called Pacxon. Compete against other players in a multiplayer arena and try to become the best conqueror. Navigate your snake around the map and make your territory bigger by conquering enemy territories. Draw lines and connect them with your original lands to extend them. If an opponent snake hits your snake while your are expanding your lands, the game is over. If you hit your own tail, the game is over as well. You can also try to eliminate enemy players by hitting them while they are outside of their territories. Your snake moves automatically, use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to steer onto directions. There are 2 game modes: Normal and Teams. In the Normal mode, all compete against all, there is no cooperation between player. In the Teams mode, you play in teams and cooperate with other players to defeat the enemy. Can you have the largest territory?