spinz.ioSpinz.io is a cool fidget spinner IO game online. Your objective in this game is to move your spinner around the arena and collide with your opponents to damage them. Customize the appearance of your spinner and start the fight. Move your mouse cursor into any direction to navigate your fidget spinner around the map. Collect colorful dots to spin faster. Go through the blue spinning dotty spirals for a turbo boost. You can also hold your left mouse button for the boost, but this uses your mass. The spirals will launch you further into the distance, this can either help you escape your enemies or chase them down. Steal the mass of your opponents by pushing them. Think strategically and try to set up combos by pushing other players into each other. Once any of the player loses all of the spinner mass, it will be eliminated. You can re-spawn and restart from a scratch. How fast can your spinner be in Spinz.io at IO Games?