speedboats.ioSpeedBoats.io is an awesome 3D boat racing .io game online, that is all about speed and destruction! Your mission in this game is to navigate your boat around the sea, destroy enemy boats and survive. You can use a large amount of weaponry to equip your boat with, such as turrets, lasers, grenade launchers etc. The enemy can also be damaged by simply crashing into them, but be careful, crashing will damage your boat as well. There are some ramps all around the water, that will help you to get onto higher ground and give you an advantage. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to pilot your speed boat. Move your mouse cursor around the screen to aim, click to shoot. Once an enemy boats are destroyed, some randomly generated power-ups will appear. Collect the power-ups to receive some bonus abilities (weapons). Each power up only lasts for 30 seconds. You earn points for killing your opponents and lose points for being killed.