27,406 is a superb multiplayer .io game in which you will control a funny vehicle and your mission is to navigate it around the map, gather snow and create a snowball. Roll your snowball around a flat icy terrain to make it bigger. Shoot it towards enemy players and try to eliminate them by pushing them off the ground. If you are the last man standing at the end of the match, you are the winner. Evade snowballs of other players, as they will try to eliminate you as well. If you get pushed off the ground, you can still try to get back and if you are lucky, you can survive. Play this game using your mouse. Control the character by holding your left mouse button and by moving your cursor around the screen. Your snowball will be made automatically as you move. Release your mouse button, whenever you want to shoot the ball. As you progress in the game, you will unlock some cool characters. How large can you make your snowball?