13,726 is an .io game online similar to the classic snake game. In at IOGames.Best, your goal is to control your snake, navigate it around the map and eat colorful food to grow bigger. Try to grow as big as possible and survive for as long as you can. Avoid touching bodies of other snakes. If you touch an enemy snake, you are dead! Others will also die if you touch yours, or any other snake’s body. Once you are large enough, try to encircle your opponents, so they will have nowhere to escape. This will force them to crush into your body and die. Once a snake dies, the body will transform into pieces of food, that can then be eaten by others. After each game session, your stats will be displayed in the main menu. Try to beat your record and become better than before. You can unlock various cool skins, that will make your snake stand out from others! Let’s see how long can your snake grow and how many opponents can you kill.