24,449 is a super fun arcade .io game, in which you compete against zombies and other players using various kinds of weapons. There are 3 game modes in Play the Free For All mode if you like to take on the world by yourself. In the Infection mode, humans work together to survive and zombies try to infect them. If you die in the Infection mode, you will re-spawn as a zombie! Play the Team mode if you like objective-based game style and coop. There are two sub-modes in the Team mode: Capture Flag and Team Deathmatch. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move. Left click to shoot, right click to jump over obstacles. Pick up weapons you will find all around the map. Scroll your mouse wheel to switch weapons. Press Q to place turrets, they will help you while dealing with a large number of enemies. offers an enormous amount of modes and customizations and you can enjoy it for free at IOGames.Best!