14,167 or Sea Dragons is another great Slither .io game online. This time, instead of a snake, you will take the role of a mythical creature called Sea Dragon. Navigate your sea monster around the water, eat colored pieces of food or fish and compete against other monsters. Make your character grow bigger in size and dominate the ocean! Complete quests to receive rewards. Each day, there is a daily reward for you to claim. You can claim up to 5 daily rewards if you watch ads. Earn pearls, gold and cards from the daily reward boxes. Spend gold and pearls for Treasury Clams to receive more cards. Collect cards to unlock and level up your monsters. Each level gives your monster one more body part at the beginning of the game. Use your mouse to control your dragon around the sea. Click using your left mouse button to activate speed boost. Block the way of other dragons to make them crash into your body and kill them.