raaaaft.ioRaaaaft.io is another very interesting .io game online with an original idea and RPG elements. The world has been flooded with water, there is almost no land left and your mission is to survive on your raft. There is no other way of transport available apart form your raft. Compete against other players and defend your raft at all costs! You can live a nomad life, fight other players, or settle on an island. It’s up to you how you will play this game. Gather resources, food and water all around the map to craft items and to stay alive. You can craft various kinds of things such as armor, weapons, tools and consumables, that will all help you survive. You can either go solo in this game, or you can team up with other players if you like. Cooperation with other players has it’s advantages. Being solo means that everyone around you is an enemy! There are dangerous sharks in the water, they will attack you when you are swimming, so be careful!