powerline.ioPowerline.io is another cool .io game inspired by the legendary arcade game called Snake. In Powerline.io you will take a control of an electric light instead of a snake. Guide it around the map and collect energy crystals along the way, so it can grow bigger. You compete against other players and your objective is to interrupt their lines and eliminate them by doing so. Killing the opponents is the only way you can collect the energy crystals, this makes the game different from other .io games in this category, where the food is scattered all around the map and it re-spawns after a while. Block the enemy lines or encircle them to make them crash into your line. After an enemy is eliminated, crystals will appear in the area where the line appeared right before his dead. Try to be fast enough and collect all crystals before others will steal them. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move into directions. Don’t crush into your own electric light.