pockey.ioPockey.io is a fun multiplayer pool game online and you can enjoy it for free at IOGames.Best! In Pockey.io you will compete against real players around the world in one-on-one 8-ball pool matches. Customize your avatar, choose your color and start playing. You can either join a random match or create your own match and invite a friend. The game has also borrowed some elements from air hockey. There are 7 balls of each color and 1 hockey puck. Your objective is to pot the colored balls into the pocket and pot the puck into the goal. You have to pot only the opponent’s balls, as potting your own balls is a mistake. Rotate your mouse cursor around the white ball to aim your cue stick towards the colored balls. Click using your left mouse button and drag the stick to set the power of your shot. Release your left mouse button to shoot. You earn 1 point for potting 8 balls and 2 points for potting the puck into the opponent’s net.