piranh.ioPiranh.io is one of the best sea survival .io games online. Your mission in this awesome multiplayer game called Piranh.io is to take care of your piranha fish, navigate it around the ocean and eat swimming people or smaller fish to grow bigger. Only size matters when eating others. Select your preferred game mode, a server close to your location and start playing. Move your mouse cursor around the screen and your piranha will follow it. Collect power-ups along the way, they will give you some special time-limited abilities. You can use those abilities to escape larger fish, freeze them, fry them etc. Press space bar to activate the current power-up. Click and hold your left mouse button to activate speed boost, if you have any fuel left. Watch your boost meter on top of the screen. Once in a while, after eating enough people or fish, your piranha will level up. You can see the current level of your fish displayed in the star below your body.