136,346 is a cool multiplayer survival game online and you can enjoy it for free at Best IO Games! You take a control of a rectangular block and your goal is to invade enemy lands. Conquer territories from other players and expand your own territory. Try to make your territory as big as possible. Eliminate others as quickly as you can to prevent their territories becoming too big. Beware, other players will try to do the same to your territories. Move around the empty areas of the map and draw lines of the same color as your territory. Connect the drawn lines with your original territory and it will be expanded by the area in-between the lines. Do the same with enemy territories, you can steal them. Eliminate opponents by breaking their current line, while they are outside of their territory. You can also be killed if you are drawing a line outside of your territory, so keep that in mind. Use arrows or W,A,S,D keys to control you paper block.