30,142 game is an online multiplayer version of the most famous arcade game ever created, the original PacMan made in the 1980. As in the initial release, you take the role of a yellow character and your objective is to eat little dots and pieces of fruit. In, eating any objects makes your character grow bigger. Consume power-ups, they will temporarily disable surrounding opponents. Move around the map and avoid getting in contact with ghosts, or become the ghost yourself. You will also encounter characters of other players. Try to eat the smaller characters and escape from the bigger ones, as they will try to eat you. If your character is too small, you can hide inside of a smaller maze. Characters that are too big can’t fit inside of a maze. Move your mouse cursor and your character will follow it. Click using your left mouse button or press space bar to get a speed boost. Can you become the biggest PacMan of them all?