oceanar.ioOcenar.io is an addicting io game online where you take the role of a queen fish and your mission is to eat smaller creatures to get bigger and to grow the largest school possible. Swim through deep ocean waters and compete against other players. At the beginning, the only thing you can consume is a small plankton. Avoid getting too close to large organisms and to enemy fish until you are big enough. Once your school gets really large, you can start fighting for the total domination and try take over the leadership from the best players around the sea. If you become one of the most successful  players, you will see your name on top of the leaderboard! Use your mouse to play the game. Move your cursor around the map and your ship will follow it automatically. Click using your left mouse button to turn on your head light and order your smaller fish to attack. Click using your right mouse button to call your fish back again.