16,750 is a super awesome multiplayer racing game online that you can play for free at IOGames.Best! Drive your car and battle against other players in a destruction derby arena! Use your epic bumper and try to crash into your opponents as roughly as possible and destroy them. If you are lucky enough, you will eliminate your opponent with only one single hit. But beware, others can also eliminate you very easily, so keep that in your mind. Avoid being smashed at all costs, as any hit can be crucial! Control your vehicle and collect nuts scattered all around the map, they will improve the size and power of your bumper. You can always use your nitro boost to chase down your enemies more easily, or to escape from dangerous situations. Customize the appearance of your car from the main menu. In the current version, there is over 40 interesting skins to unlock. Be careful, this game can quickly become very addicting!