lordz.ioLordz2.io online is here! If you have enjoyed the original Lordz.io game, you will absolutely love this new sequel! As in the first title, you will once again take the role of a medieval lord and your mission is to build a castle and train an army to defend it. Collect gold coins along the way and spend them to train new units. Train various kinds of units such as archers, knights and dragons! Once your army is strong enough, you can start wandering around the map and attack others. You will encounter enemy players that will try to destroy your kingdom. Defend your castle by building walls and towers. Construct houses to increase your population. Some of the buildings will increase your money surplus, others will unlock better units. Use your W,A,S,D keys to control the army. Order your troops to attack by holding your left mouse button. Press your space bar for a dash. How many lords can you defeat in Lordz2.io game at IOGames.Best?