lordz.ioLordz.io is a one of the best war strategy io games online. Take the role of a medieval lord and build the biggest army ever! First, you will have to start out by collecting gold coins and exploring the map. Use the collected coins to train new soldiers or build houses to increase the population limit. Recruit various types of units ranging from soldiers to mighty dragons. Build towers to protect your kingdom and gold mines to increase your gold income. Upgrade the buildings to increase their effectiveness. Keep building and manage your army to dominate the area! Attack others and conquer enemy lands by destroying their buildings. Use your mouse to control the lord and his army. Press E to build a house, R to build a tower, T to recruit a soldier, Y for a knight, U for an archer, I for a barbarian, O to summon a dragon. Split your army by pressing space bar. How many battles can you win in Lordz.io game online at Best IO Games?