22,064 is a snake-type io game online similar to There are few differences between these games though. Instead of growing longer, in you will grow bigger. Guide your snake around the map and consume colorful pieces of food. Each piece of food will increase your size a little. Move your mouse and your snake will follow it. Click to use a speed boost and become faster, it will also make your body longer. Kill other snakes by making them crash into your body. If a snake is killed, the remains will transform into food, which can be then consumed by other snakes. There are many game modes in, which makes the gameplay addicting and fun for a very long time. If you are bored of the all vs all mode, try something like coop, or 1v1. You can customize your snake’s appearance in the main menu. There are 10 different skins to choose from. Can you become the biggest snake and get on top of the leaderboard?