kugeln.ioKugeln.io is a fun shooting .io game online in which you will take the role of your favorite country ball and compete against others in the ffa arena. Customize your character’s appearance using flags of many different countries or empires and jump right into the battle! Kugeln.io features various game modes such as Random, Death-Match, Team Death-Match and Capture the Flag. There are also many maps with different environments to choose from. You can also create a private match and challenge your mates! If you want to earn XP and collect achievements, you will have to sign in using Google or Facebook account. The controls of the game are simple: Use your A,D keys to move. Press space bar to jump. Left click to shoot. Right click to throw a grapnel (harpoon). Navigate your country ball around the map, jump from platform to platform, grab new weapons and kill the enemy balls. Become the top leader in Kugeln.io game online!