19,386 is an awesome multiplayer .io game online with 3D graphics and fun gameplay. In you will take the role of a sailor and you will experience a journey through oceans. Control a ship cannon and fight other players all around the sea. One ship can have multiple players on top of it, which makes it a lot of fun! Teamwork is the key to survive and to defeat the opponents in this game. On the other hand, a single player (if skilled enough) can take down a whole enemy ship and it’s crew. Each ship has it’s captain. If the captain dies, he will be randomly replaced by other crew member. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move your character around the game world or to operate the cannon. Click to shoot. Move your mouse to sides to direct the ship into a desired course. Type into the chat to give orders to your teammates. Earn gold and buy new ships in the shop. Enter the shop by clicking at the button on top left of the screen.