Katan.io (Colonist)


colonist.ioKatan.io or simply called Colonist is a new .io game online inspired by the most famous board game of all times, the Settlers of Catan. Your objective is to compete against other players and earn points by building roads and villages. You start by choosing an empty place between 3 hexagonal tiles to build a village. Every tile offers one of the 5 resources (grain, brick, wood, wool and ore). There is however one empty tile with no resources, the desert. Before the game begins, all tiles will receive random numbers (2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12). Try to occupy the tiles with numbers as close to 7 as possible (eg. 5,6,8,9) to have a higher chance to receive the resources. Each of the players starts with 2 villages, that can later be upgraded into cities. Build roads between the villages to expand into new territories and dominate the land. Players can exchange the resources between each other. Can you score more points than the opponents in Katan.io?