hide.ioHide.io, also known as Hide Online is a 3D multiplayer hide-and-seek .io game online with shooting. In Hide.io at IOGames.Best, your mission is to help your team compete against an enemy team in turns of a hide-and-seek match. There are 2 teams in the game: Hunters and Props. They switch in each of the turns and one team always hides and other team seeks them. Every round consists of two turns. If you are playing in the Hunters team, you will get points for killing members of the Props team. If you are playing in the Props team, you earn points for the time you remain alive and hidden. There are some fun and exclusive elements given to each of the teams. When you are playing as a Prop, you always start as a chair. Find some other item quickly and transform into it by pressing E key. When you are playing as a Hunter, you must be careful when shooting at objects. Hitting an object that is not a player will reduce your health!