hexar.ioHexar.io is an interesting multiplayer conquest game and it is one of the best .io games online. Welcome to the colorful world made of hexagons and compete against players all around the World! In Hexar.io at Best IO Games, your objective is to control a colored little circle and conquer lands by drawing lines on the hexagonal map. Connect the line you are drawing with your territory to increase it’s size. The empty space in-between will be conquered after the connection. Conquer lands from enemy players by drawing your colored lines on top of their territories. They will also try to interrupt your lines or steal your territories, so beware. Avoid drawing lines that are too long, it will take you more time to connect them with your territory. There will be a higher chance enemy players will interrupt it. If you touch the edges of the map, you will die. Can you eliminate all enemies and conquer the biggest territory in Hexar.io game online?