Happy Snakes


happy snakesHappy Snakes is one of the latest slither-like .io games online. If you have liked the game called Angry Snakes, you will simply love this one, as both are very similar to each other. The game offers the same mechanics as most other multiplayer snake .io games, but this time all characters are super-happy with smiling faces. You start as a little worm and to grow bigger, your task is to collect food. You will encounter enemy snakes trying to block your way and eliminate you. Make sure you avoid hitting any other snake, or the game is over. Once your snake is long enough, you can start compete against others. The beauty of slither games is, that even the tiniest worm can eliminate the leader, it is very hard though. The best strategy is to focus on eating the food while you are too small at the beginning and just be patient. In Happy Snakes game online at IOGames.Best, you can customize your snake with over 40 awesome looking skins.