17,454 is a super addictive 3D strategy pvp .io game online. The gameplay of is very similar to the popular titles such as Clash Royale or Clash of Vikings. Your goal is to defend your base against invading enemy by recruiting troops. Place the troops onto correct positions so they will be able to counter-attack your opponent’s troops. Think strategically and deploy only those units that are needed. There are various kinds of units with different strengths and weaknesses. Some units can absorb a large amount of damage, these are called tanks. Deploy the tank units into the first lines of defense, then recruit weaker units with ranged attack. If you destroy the enemy tower or if you have a higher score at the end of the round, you are the winner. Earn coins and cards as a reward from battles. Use the earned cards to upgrade your units. Spend the earned coins to buy better units. Can you defeat your opponent in game online?