24,158 is another multiplayer arena survival game online and you can enjoy it for free at Best IO Games. Your objective is to walk around the world and smash everyone standing in your way. Your weapon will grow bigger every time you kill someone. Customize your character’s skin from the main menu. Different characters have different types of weapons so make sure you choose the one you like the most! There is a wide range of weapons to choose from. You can use regular swords, samurai swords, axes, maces etc. Move your mouse cursor around the screen and your character will follow it. Hit space bar or left click to swing your weapon. You can kill your opponents with one single hit, but they can do the same to you, so be careful! Collect colorful jellies to improve your score and weapon. Use your dash ability if you want to escape from an enemy or chase down an enemy. Let’s see how long can you survive for in