25,661 is a great fighting .io game online, in which you take the role of a mercenary. Wander around the game world, gather resources and fight enemy players. Hire other mercenaries, who will help you in the combat and with the gathering of more resources. First, you have to gather some food. Kill animals around the map, but beware the strong ones! Then you can start gathering some more resources such as wood and stones to be able to build a base. Build some towers, they will generate gold over time. Make sure the towers and base are well protected, you have to keep an eye on them! Increase your rank by gathering higher amounts of gold. Send invitations to other players to create a clan. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move your character around the map. Use your 1-9 numeric keys to quickly select the buildings. Click using your left mouse button to attack your enemies and to gather resources. How far can you go in