24,332 is a fascinating .io game online that was inspired by the greatest .io game ever created, the famous You take the role of a single cell (a germ) and your objective is to consume surrounding pieces of food to grow bigger in size. Compete against other players that will try to eat you. The bigger you are the slower you get, so keep that in your mind. You can split your body into multiple smaller pieces and get a speed boost. When you see a green spiked circle, you can touch it and it will then split you into many smaller cells. When you stop moving for awhile, the cells will connect together again. Navigate your character around the map with your mouse. You can see your exact location in the game world by taking a look at the mini-map. Watch the leaderboard displayed at the top right and try to become the dominant player of your server. How many opponent cells can you eat in game online at IOGames.Best?