26,323 is an awesome gun shooting .io game online and it’s one of the top .io games in the shooting games category. The game offers fast-paced action and a variety of many different weapons and equipment to choose from. You can use weapons such as handgun, shotgun, rifle, machine gun and more! There are also different types of armors and each of them has different stats, affecting your movement speed. Control your character, fight other players in the multiplayer arena and score points. Spend the earned points to unlock perks and special abilities. Select the unlocked perks by clicking at the yellow upgrade button. Use your W,A,S,D keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to reload your weapon, space bar to use advanced power-up. Use tactical thinking to defeat your opponent. Take cover behind surrounding objects to make it harder to hit you. Control the center of the map to gain some extra points.