19,577 is a very casual .io game online in which you will take the role of a little frog and you will have to catch flies to grow bigger. Compete against hundreds of players and try to have the best score of all. Click anywhere around the map and your frog will jump into that spot. Get the frog as close to the flies as possible, but not on top of them. Your frog will catch the flies automatically, if they are in range. Some flies are bigger than others, they will give you more points. Try to jump in between a group of multiple flies to save some time. Watch the mini-map, which will indicate yours and other players location. Squish opponent frogs that are smaller than you, but beware, the bigger frogs will try to do the same to you! Earn rewards from daily quests and weekly tournaments. Your rankings are displayed on the top of the main menu. You can also add other players as friends in this game. Can you beat all other frogs in