332,779 is available at IOGames.Best with this awesome battle royale game called Zombs Royale. This is a simplistic 2D version of the phenomenal multiplayer shooter. The game is a little bit different than the original Fortnite for PC and consoles, but the core mechanics are the same. You have to survive on an island for as long as you can, while fighting other players. The player who remains alive for the longest time wins the game. After jumping from the plane and landing on the ground, try to find any weapon as quickly as possible. Explore the map and interiors of the buildings to find the best weaponry available. You can use various kinds of weapons like pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers etc. Use the purple and gold weapons if you see any, they are the strongest ones. Collect med kits and armor potions and consume them if you are injured. Compete against other players and become the master of!