21,110 is an excellent shooting game online and it is one of the best battle royale .io games on the internet. Your objective is to survive for as long as possible while killing other players. Pick up various weapons, you will find around the map and watch out for the enemies. This is not an endless progress type of .io game, the game is played by rounds. Try to stay alive in the current round for as long as possible and if you are good enough, you will be the last player standing and you will win the match. If you get killed during the round you will have to start in a new match. Use your arrows to move. When you find a weapon, hover over it and press F to pick it up. Try to find a gun as soon as possible, guns are more powerful than melee weapons. You can also collect mystery crates and health packs. You will find some very rare extremely powerful weapons in the mystery crates. The health packs will heal your hit points if you are injured.