Farm Clash 3D


farm clash 3dFarm Clash 3D is a brilliant shooting .io game online with cool 3d graphics and superb gameplay. Prepare yourself for tons of fun and huge smile on your face. This game clearly doesn’t take itself seriously. You take the role of a cowboy and your objective is to shoot at enemy cowboys and kill them. Team play is crucial in this game and it’s always good to help your teammates, if they are in trouble. At the beginning, you only have a simple shotgun. Earn stars for killing the opponent farmers and spend them for better weapons like a machine gun. You can also use the stars to upgrade your stats. Improve your health to become stronger and take more bullets. You can unlock special golden weapons for winning 100 matches. Use your W,A,S,D keys to walk, press space bar to jump. Move your mouse cursor to aim, click to shoot. The enemy players are identified by red color. How many opponents can you kill in Farm Clash 3D game?