evowars.ioEvowars.io is an addicting strategy .io game where you will be slashing and sword fighting your opponents. You will fight against other players in a big multiplayer arena and you’ll have to survive for as long as possible. You start each match as a simple caveman. When you’re a low level, the best strategy is to focus on collecting orbs first, than fighting others. With each level-up, your character will grow and change his skin and weapon! This is the evolution process. The bigger you are the slower you get, but the range of your weapon will increase! If you are small, your movement is faster, use that as an advantage. Collect the bigger orbs to earn more experience. Kills will give you the most experience points. When attacking, make sure you have your opponent on the right side, where you hold your weapon. Move your mouse to navigate your character. Use your left mouse button to attack and right mouse button for a speed boost.